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Where We are Going?

The Agape House of Mercy is a vocational-living program for adults, children and families in transition. It is a place of refuge.

We have seen the devastation of countries and the displacement of so many families that have only wanted to live in their communities, villages, cities, regions, and country. For many, there is not an opportunity to go back to their homes, where they have lived their entire lives. The Agape House of Mercy will strive to serve those individuals in their time of need. We will offer a place of comfort, compassion, and healing. It is a place to learn a new language and a new vocation. It is a place to find a new family who will care of them in a new season. These individuals will find a new community who will care for them with open arms, and churches who will walk alongside them as they come into this new season of their lives. They will have a home as long as is needed, as many others across the country will continue to open their homes and vocational opportunities.

Agape will open its doors to adults, children, and families with special needs in order to consider our provided programs individually. Each individual and family will get the opportunity to find a program within Agape Ministries, Inc. that is tailored to their unique, individual needs. The Agape Ministries, Inc. board will review each individual need and work with families to find the “right” opportunity. 
We offer opportunities such as:
     1. Vocational opportunities/employment program
     2. Live-in program
     3. Respite: daily, weekly, or as needed
     4. Home of Refuge

Agape Ministries, Inc. will allow individuals to learn trades and master independence in functional daily living skills. The trades that will be offered are:
     1. Chef/waitress/catering: Assisting in the kitchen, marketing products to seek employment in the community, collecting money and giving back change, following directions to cook a dish, measuring ingredients, cleaning kitchen and dining rooms, the ability to take an order and pour drinks, setting tables, and cleaning up after meals. These skill sets will be offered in the Agape House of Mercy Cafe.
     2. Lawn/maintenance care: maintaining lawns, cleaning leaves, interacting with customers, collecting payment, snow removal, spring clean- ups, and small maintenance projects.
     3. Recycling: approaching local businesses with the offer to pick up recyclables and take them to several local locations, recycling the products.
     4. Volunteer opportunities: delivering meals prepared and boxed by our kitchen staff to our most vulnerable population. 
     5. Individual day programs/local business opportunities: resume building, filling out applications, practice interviewing, and shadowing short-term to assist in learning a vocation. This program is completely based on the individual, and will include vocational assessments as well as testing to see what interests these individuals will seek in finding employment.
     6. Community activities: swimming, hiking, kayaking, going to the movies, going out to eat, volunteering, visiting local farms, daily community meetings to play games, going over current news, having coffee/snacks,  and fellowship.
     7. Functional skills: cleaning up after meals, washing dishes, making beds, washing their clothes, folding clothes, meal preparation, social reciprocity skills, social skills training, hygiene (as needed), going out for haircuts, accessing the local library, accessing the local post office, working on making a grocery list to make a meal, buying items on the list, money skills, following a recipe, and retailing products that are made at the House of Mercy Cafe. Individuals will learn to follow a schedule, routines, directions for vocational programs, and visit local places such as EMS, the library, craft shows, fairs, and amusement parks.
     8. Diagnostics and Assessment: Assessments and diagnostics will be made available for individuals. They include: ABLLS, AFLS, QABF, vocational assessments, and functional assessments. An individualized support plan for vocational and functional living assessments will lead to goals that are data-reinforced. Annual plans will be reviewed with goals modified as needed.

Live-in Program:
Live-in opportunities are such a significant need at this time, especially for families as they age with their adult children with special needs. Agape Ministries Inc. recognizes this challenging transition, and we have come with a great deal of experience and compassion as the transitions need to occur: 
     1. Live-in 24 hour program, dependent on the individual’s needs and time needed to teach functional skills in the home environment. Meals will be provided, and there is assistance with preparing, hosting, and cleaning up. Individuals will be taught how to make snacks as well as how to clean up after eating. Supervision levels will be established, along with the independence of choosing downtime activities.
     2. Medical needs: Our board has several medical providers, as well as nursing and emergency medical professionals. There will be a certified advanced medic on property as well as other qualified health providers. Medicine will be documented, and individuals will be taught to be independent on their individual levels, understanding the medications taken, why they are needed, and any side affects that they might cause.

Respite is for families who need a time away to ensure that they are at their best, so they can be their best for those they love. Agape Ministries Inc. will be offering respite to families on an as- needed basis. We understand the importance of family members taking a “break” and we are willing to offer that respite in short increments, dependent upon the situation of the family members. We will be interviewing families and individuals to ensure that safety can be met while family members are needing that "break."
Refuge Center:
The Agape House of Mercy Refuge Center is: 
     1. A home, a place to sleep, a place to assist with meals and to eat as a family. It is a place where our friends can lay down their heads without fear.
     2. A place that will provide an attorney to assist with paperwork in the next stage of their lives to include: asylum, work authorizations, SNAP benefits, medical benefits, and schooling opportunities.
     3. A time to heal with counselors, pastors, and a therapeutic team to wrap around individuals who are needing emotional support.
     4. A family…who will care, lift up, encourage, and pray for one another.

     1. Individuals with Medicaid will have a budget for services through their local human services. We will work together as a team to assist with a budget that can meet each individual's needs to ensure that safety and independence can be met.
     2. Leasing: We have one individual who needs support who, is signing a monthly lease with Agape Ministries, Inc. The cafe will be leased by its director, Mary Hunt. The Cianciolo family will reside at the House of Mercy through a lease agreement. Agape will continue to lease to individuals as placement is needed.     
     3. Monthly donors: Agape ministries has a 20- year history of faithful donors and we will continue to strive to get donors to assist our ministry.
     4. Fundraising: Agape Ministries has raised funds in the past and has been blessed with many individuals in our community, churches, and families to assist monthly and yearly expenses. We will continue to hold large fundraisers and community events throughout the year.
     5. Grants: Agape ministries has a certified grant writer on its board and we will continue to pursue grants that are applicable to our ministry statement.

Agape Ministries strives to serve God and be the stewards of what He has given us. We have qualified people over the House of Mercy and will continue to be transparent to our financial donators.
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