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Meet The Nadkyrnychnyi Family:  Tatiena, Oleg, Vlad and Misha.:
Oleg and his family came from The City of Rivne. He made his living in Ukraine as an engineer. Their Oldest son, Misha is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and they came to America to start a new life in a safe place.  Tatiena is a very skilled seemstress and a loving mother.  Vlad is in the 4th grade.  They, along with everyone in the Agape House of Mercy who came as a refugee, recieved their work permits and social security cards so they can seek employment and become independant and productive while living in America. Tatiena and Oleg speak excellent English. Oleg obtained his drivers license, and as of May 1, 2023, he begins a new and very good paying job as a Civil Engineer for the State of Vermont VTRANS department.  This has enabled the Nadkyrnychnyi Family to get their own apartment locally and begin their new journey independently. 

This is one of several sucess stories as we also have a young single lady who came here as a psychology student from the City of Kryvyi Rog, who was able to take advantage of the same opportunities and in March, She was able to get hired as a Behavior Interventionist at a local Autism Center.  She since has moved into her own apartment as well.

We praise God for the miracles He gives and His faithfulness to reward those who dilligently seek Him!

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