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At  Agape  Ministries,  Inc.: 
                 We Love God...
                                   We  Love  People...


Luke 10:27:  "And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind...


...and thy neighbour as thyself."


Onward And Upward!

2023 at Agape Ministries, Inc. is seeing fruit.  We have families and individuals who have been getting work permits, jobs and drivers licenses.  We also have seen several families being rewarded with cars through the "Good News Garage."  All of these programs are designed to help those who come here, transition into America to start a new life in a safe place.  That is what Agape House of Mercy is all about. We not only are serving refugees from Ukraine, we also have one who escaped the opressive government of Cuba and are waiting on some more as the United States has opened four other countries to the same program as Ukraine to come to America on Humanitarian Parole. 


We also wish to thank The generosity of David Kelley and The Highland Center For The Arts in Greensboro, VT who organized an amazing fundraiser on December 10, 2022 which featured many musicians, including a pre-recorded YouTube video just for this event from the Kiev Childrens Chior in Ukraine. Thank you to Kathy Charlestream who organized another amazing fundraisier which featured the childrens orchestra from The VSO and an amazing chior with one of our very own singing a song to honor his country.  We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts as these efforts continue to help suoport our home so we can support those who need a safe place to live. We furthermore, thank you as you have carried this burden with us as God carries us and shares a little of what we have been so very blessed with.  


"From A Backpack To A Hope-Chest." 


Many people who have come to the Agape House Of Mercy, have left their homes, loved ones and belongings with only a backpack of their most personal and important posessions.  These people have traveled around the globe from Ukraine to escape war, others in our home have esacped the oppressive regime of Cuba.  Some have been homeless and others are adults with special needs who need some assistance to live an otherwise independant life.  Agape Ministries, Inc, through The Agape House of Mercy, wants to exchange their backpacks for a "Hope-Chest." This Hope-Chest will contain all of the necessary resources each family and individual will need in order to obtain a new life in a safe place that we call, The United States of America.  We are asking you to be a part of filling their "Hope-Chests" by donating one of several ways.  If you live locally, you may drop off your donation at our address: 2853 US Route 5, Derby, VT 05829.  You may also mail a check to that very address and earmark it on your memo, "Hope-Chest." Or, you may donate right here on this page of our website by scrolling down and clicking the donate button. ALL Proceeds go directly into our House Of Mercy "Hope-Chest" fund.

Thank you and May God Bless You,

"For Such A Time s This...

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